"When I left your shop yesterday I was anxious. Not sure if even proceeding with this would be in my best interest. I tossed last night with the whole matter. In seeing your email come through today I opened it with butterflies in my stomach that felt like bats.

Let me just say, you are amazing!!! It was more than I hope for!

Thank you for reading my mind and being awesome at what you do!"

Angela DiSarro

McDonalds van

"The van was a huge hit!"

Pudja Plumbing Wrap

"Just wanted to thank you again for very nice job at both of my trucks (business cards and stickers). I'm getting a lot of compliments and everybody is asking "Who did the job"? I'm spreading your company's name around and hope that you get more work… Thank you and keep up with good work."

Pudja plumbing

Mr Sandless Wrap Mr Sandless Wrap

"I just wanted to Thank You for the beautiful wrap of my HHR and trailer. It is, without a doubt, the most cost effective advertising I have ever done, and I have tried everything. Just this month:

  • The top Realtor in town calls me for help. Says he sees my trucks all over town. Nice trick since I only have one.
  • Refinishing Casey Key residence, in one day, 3 contractors and 2 Key residents stop to see if Mr. Sandless can help them.
  • Leaving Home Depot, a nice lady is waiting by my HHR, wanting to ask questions. Booked the job @$3750.00
  • Man and woman out for morning run take a picture of the truck. They called and we booked the job @$1499.00

The list goes on, and I really think it's all about the design. It's just got so much visual impact. I truly could not be happier. I think I'll have you wrap my 1982 El Camino. I'll send you some photos to work with."

Thanks again,

"A quick to note to let you know I really like my racing stripes. You did a super job! My car is definitely faster(:"

"I always enjoy meeting people who love doing what they do. Passion separates real artists from people just doing a job. Keep up the good work."

letter from Give Kids The World
man in front of SUV man in front of SUV

"These are the pics I entered into the Mobile Tech Expo 2013 in Orlando. It is a international competition and we took FIRST! Vehicle was judged upon design/ cleanliness and workability! Brad, thanks again for all your patience and expertise, it was well with it!"

side of van wrap

"I left your place at 8 and by 10 we already had a call from the wrap."

Thanks again, we love it."

van wrap

"You did an outstanding job and am amazed how fast you were about the whole process! Thanks!

What you don't know, I tried to work with one of your competitors (sz) but they had trouble grasping what I was looking for. They had trouble communicating their product & the process. But you were confident and communicated perfectly the process, cost and time frame. Thanks Roy!

Now I hope the wrap does its intended job which I have great confidence that it will. Thanks for being here in Sarasota and being reasonable, cost wise.

Great job!!! Looking forward to working with you again."


"OMG!!!!!!!It's awesome!!!!!!!Looks better in person? OMG!"

logo logo

"Thank you for being a great American entrepreneur,a great designer and a phenomenal service provider."


"Roy, the van looks wonderful!!! "

"We are thrilled. You took a tired looking vehicle and gave it new life – and a great look. "

"Thank you so much for helping us get the word out about Cat Depot. "


"Just wanted to send a quick note and say thanks for the amazing job you did on the door & again for the van "

"I have had 4 walk-ins this week who booked sessions for next month just based on driving by and noticing my window for the first time ( I've been here for a year and a half and previously they hasn't noticed I was even here)"

"So thank you SO much for your creativity and for your amazing work ethic - "

"Love everything you have done for us and will be sure to shout from the mountain tops just how pleased we are with your products & services : )"


"I want to thank you for working with our idea--I know you weren't keen on the whole ambulance thing from the start, but I really appreciate you thinking about it and introducing your design elements while working within our vision. It really looks better than I expected, and I'm a pretty anal guy when it comes to art and design. You were great to work with and I apologize for taking a lot of your time thinking ideas out in your office. But, the finished product is really good. We will def talk you up to anyone interested in your services. Thanks again"

"Roy, Thanks so much for the beautiful poster and the extra magnet! The poster was a big success and recognized everyone who contributed to the event. "

"I appreciate your great work and your ability to get everything finished so quickly!"



"Getting a lot of compliments on the wrap. You should feature it, the response is over the top."

logo logo

"Just wanted to let you know we have had 5 calls directly from the wraps in the last 2 weeks. 1 for a replacement estimate and 4 for roof repairs. 3 of them were the same day! We had a couple more in July. Thanks for the great work" Gary Curry


"Wrapping my car was the best thing I could have done to promote my business. People are chasing me down just to get a card and find out more. Ever customer has said wow, that looks great on the car. Could not be happier with the customer service that Sarasota Wraps has shown. If anyone questions the value of this type of advertisment, please call me and I will tell you...Mark Fencil 941-371-8805"


"holy CRAP that rocks!!!"

Brit Geek

"I asked Michael for your name and address at your Tallahassee shop."

"I experienced a WOW factor at you shop. I just moved to Tallahassee from Illinois, I wanted to retire near my only two grandchildren. I own a 1995 Buick in pristine condition. I am very perticular how I keep the vehicle. I wax it once a mt and three or four times a year I have it professionally detailed."

"Thursday I phoned your shop to see if I could get my car in on Friday. The person who answered the phone, I found out later, was Michael. He was very remorse that he could not get me in until the following week (this week) I said I would think it over. Then the WOW factor started. He said "we have been in business for over 20 years, we feel we are the best in town and we would be honored to prove it you". Well, with that, how could I look elsewhere? I made an appointment for Today. I dropped off the car yesterday to be worked on today. A young fellow named Andrew met me and said he would be working on my car. (Good touch). Around 11 am today Andrew phoned me and said it was ready. I asked him if it looked good. He said "it looks really good" (another good touch). When I picked it up I was met by both Andrew and Michael. Michael "thanked" me for my business and Andrew had to "show off" his work."

"I will be back and I will tell EVERYBODY I see how my experience was."

"Clean waitingarea, clean rest rooms. GREAT service. I just wanted to let you know."

John J Contarino
logo logo logo

"Can not tell you how happy I am with the service Roy"

"I want to thank Sarasota Wraps for their fantastic work and over the top service! Roy and his staff did a weeks work in 24 hours. They are my new graphics company."


"Tell Roy what up G MONEY and people loved his wrap at toy fair!"

Trailer Trailer Read News Release

"The trailer wrap met all of my expectations and I had very, very high expectations. There were no bubbles, no wrinkles and no errors. Everything lined up perfectly all the way around and the quality of the print resolution looks life like. We have had nothing but compliments with wrap and the first comment is always"awesome, did you paint it?" then when we tell them that it is a vinyl wrap the next question is always "who wrapped it?". This has been the best advertising we have ever done and it most definitely separates us from our competitors. Special thanks are in order to Roy and Brad for doing such an outstanding job and going above and beyond to meet my request for attention to detail. I would recommend AutoDetails to anyone in search of the best job that money can buy!"

Robbie Brinkley
C & D Auto Paint, inc.
Lets Jump pick-up

"When our truck was totaled and we needed another wrap, Sarasota Wraps was our only choice. Roy was able to recreate our logo that was previously designed by another artist that was no longer around. Locally owned and operated, he was there for every step – from design to installation. We love the wrap and could not have been happier with the outcome! Thanks again from Lets Jump! "


"The graphic looks fantastic! We are so excited."

Proline Boat

"Wow...salivate is the right word...looks really like an entirely new boat...the wrap around the back of the transom really came out great too....awesome..."

Jims Piano

"Jim already had people in traffic recognizing him with a honk and wave on the way back to the shop, Friday! We think the pictures are really sharp! The letters are so smooth and clean. Thanks for your professional and expedient work! I'll definitely be telling who to recommend for auto graphics from here on!"

GinaMarie Senters
Store Manager, Jims Pianos
truck in daytime truck at night

"They are all unreal the truck looks unreal...They look like the rock star product...."

"I and everyone are in ahhhhhh we dig it"


"....the mermaid cutout was a huge hit and now "she" is currently hanging out in the exercise room to constantly remind me to work out! "


"Roy, Before I even got home, 3 different people told me "Oh I love your car". I had been driving it for more then a week and no one said anything. Your creation has brought it to a new level. Thank You again, Jean "

Race Car Wrap

"Yeah it's all good and everyone loved it. They were impressed with you quality of work."

Eric Gervais
Coastal Yacht Services
Boat Wrap

"Its nice to business with someone who does what they say they are going to do and in the time they say it will be done"

The Granite Place Wrap

"All i wanna say is WOWWWWWWWWWWWW.Fantastic job Roy. Looking soooo hot. Thanks ,i'll be by this morning to pick it up."

Matt Ozturkr
The Granite Place Inc.
sarasota agents reflective wrap

"I checked out your site and found myself just staring at it like a deer in headlights. LOL"

"Thanks again for doing the wrap so quickly, we love it. I was in the garage with the lights out shinning a flash light on it to see the reflection, it's amazing. I have a feeling that you will be getting a lot more business with as much as we drive around."

"Just wanted to tell you that we are getting more and more attention now with the wrap. Several new clients have called us because they said they saw the truck and night and were able to see the glowing message!"

"Absolutely was the best investment I have made in my business."

"Also, I wanted to add that the design you did for my business card & brochure's are getting alot of compliments. It is great now that you are able to do such great design work. You were able to completely brand me with my truck wrap, cards and brochures. Thanks so much.In today's economy I have to look for ways to get the most bang for my advertising buck and now, thanks to you, I know I am standing out from the rest of my competition!"

Bugs Bee-Ware SUV Bugs Bee-Ware Truck Bugs Bee-Ware Truck

"Thanks so much for all you do and have done! Your love for your work and what you do makes business a pleasure!!"

"If you want to do business with a company that is passionate about what they do, then you have come to the right place!! Sarasota Wraps continues to impress us with exceptional creativity, prompt & outstanding service, and goes above and beyond our expectations! Thanks Roy, Aya, and Chris for making our fleet look the best in town!"

"Seeing these photos really motivates me to wrap the rest of the vehicles as soon as possible!! "

"The fact that you are concerned & like to make the wraps look right is one of the things we love about doing business with you guys! You have passion and pride in what you do.... and that's not easy to find! "


"Brad, The pictures really look great! I will stop by your office the next time that I am up and buy you and the staff a beer or two! I'll be sure and let our bud in Sarasota how pleased we are with the wrap. Thanks again for the great service"

Tom Williamson
FSU trailer FSU trailer FSU testimonial
Any Lab Test wrap

"Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know how much we love our new wrap. I thought the first wrap you did for us last year was the best I had ever seen, but this year is even better thanks to you recommending that we use the new reflective material. It's only been 2 days, but both nights while I was driving I had a lot of people ask me about the wrap. My car now lights up like a Christmas tree at night when somebody's headlights hits us. In my opinion, Sarasota Wraps is the only place to get a wrap. By far it is also the most economical way to advertise (day or night)."

Don White-Owner
Any Lab Test Now

"Knowledgeable, courteous, beautiful work, great price. Couldn't have asked for more."


"The car looks amazinge!!"

Smoothie King Trailer

"My expectations were completely surpassed by the quality and promptness from Sarasota Wraps! I would not recommend anybody else in the state of Florida to handle my advertising needs then Chris and Roy!! Excellence is the only word in their vocabulary."

Tim Gretzler
Smoothie King, Port Charlotte, Fl
Turfmaster car

"Roy very cool! Thank you for showing off our car so often. Everyone thinks it looks great."

Laserlaces van

" Cars are tools and I think this just makes them more so! thanks a million glad you were able to finish it quick!"

"Looks unreal thanks Roy"

"Everyone comments on how great the car looks just a FYI"

Jon Capriola

"You did a very good job - thank you so very much - from my grandson, myself, my husband and the rest of Kelley's family. I certainly hope this gives 'someone' a reason to think before they drink and drive."

"Thank you again for your help Tuesday afternoon when the brakes went out on my car. You guys are great! Andrea"

Quality Printing truck

"I would like to Thank you for the outstanding job you guys did on my truck and also to tell you thanks for all the business you have brought me because of the wrap. The wilder you can make it, the more people will notice you. I have done print media nd advertising for 15 years and this is the best advertising money I have ever spent. If anyone is in question if it works tell them to call me anytime. I will have another truck for you to do for another comapny that I own. I look forward in using you guys alot more in the future."

Thank you Again

Ricky Desmorer
Pennyworth Homes Car

"Hey, Everyone loves the car! Thanks again to everyone down there for doing such a great job. We appreciate it!"

"Looks great, just wanted to say thanks for the great work and speedy finish. Although speed was not important, the professionalism is refreshing. Thanks again."

Greg Eberhardt,
Owner North Florida Tile
Bensons Card
Aqua Daddy pick-up

"Hey man, the truck looks great...Thank you for everthing"

Aqua Daddy
Drag Car Cart and scooter

Dear Roy,

I can't thank you enough for the incredible job you did on my car and my sons!

Not only did you get it complete so quickly, but I couldn't have imagined in my mind, what you designed, any better! Leaving it "in your hands" was a very smart choice on my part – I trusted your abilities and you went above and beyond!

I promise to share my great experience with Sarasota Wraps with friends, relatives and associates because I know that you provide better service, creativity and price than any other vendor I've dealt with!

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Jonnie Dwyer
Area Sales Manager
Forest Creek
Peach Beach TV Van


"What a fantastic job you did. It looks better than it did when I took it from the dealer. Its too pretty to drive now, I'll get it dirty !!!! :)"

Country Rose Florist wrap

"I have had Auto Details & Graphics wrap our van... great job. I called them one day on our sign and the next day he had that sign ready and put it up on our building"

" If you need a company to do what they say then I say call Roy at Auto Details & Graphics"

A Country Rose Florist
green bus wrap

"It looks great...I like the attention to detail"

"The Maintenance Director made several comments about the quality of application of the vinyl. It is the best he has ever seen."

Brad Sheffield
star metro bus wrap

"Auto Details did a excellent job for StarMetro with detailing one of our new shuttle buses. The details were amazing. The bus was as clean as the day it came off the manufacturing line. We will continue to use them for all of our future detailing needs."

Brad Sheffield
Advanced Home Wrap


I wanted to thank you for the awesome job on the truck wrap. It is generating lots of attention and I've received several compliments on it. Even more importantly I've received numerous calls from prospective customers on their cell phones that are driving down the road next to me.

I also wanted to thank you again for the great customer service. I don't know of many other businesses that would have dropped me off at the airport or met me at their shop at odd hours on a Sunday to accommodate my schedule. I can guarantee that as I expand my fleet; the first stop every new vehicle will make will be at your shop in Tallahassee. It is definitely worth the two hour drive from Panama City to know that the job will be done right.

Take care, and hopefully I'll see you again soon.

Dan Brook
Advanced Home LLC

"Thanks for speaking with me this morning. We have loved working with Auto Details this year for the cleaning of our van fleet. You have an awesome staff! So naturally you all came to mind as we were talking about having the graphics done on a couple of our vans."

Florida State University
Holy Comforter Bus Wrap

"It was a pleasure working with Roy and his crew at Auto Details. They were willing to work with us until we found just the right look for our bus. When they were done our bus was spotless on the inside and the wrap transformed it into the perfect moving billboard."

Paul Fitzgerald
Holy Comforter Episcopal School
Famous Daves wrap

"We would like to say thank you to Auto Details and Graphics for their outstanding work, termendous craftsmanship and superior customer service. It has given us an even bigger presence in the Tallahassee Area."

Bill Green
GM Famous Daves
Girls & Boys Town Go Kart wrap
Paws wrap

"The Xterra looks great....its going to be wonderful advertising!"

Seminole Boosters wrap

"Thanks again for helping us with the FSU Wrap on the Armada! You did an excellent job and we are most appreciative.

In Seminole Pride"

Adam B. Cory
Seminoles Boosters

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the job you did on my car today. (99 White Honda Accord) You were able to remove things that I thought were irremovable. I am very satisfied and plan on being a repeat customer and recommending you to friends. I would also like to send my kudos out to Luis. He did an outstanding job answering my questions and picking up/ returning my car in a prompt manner and even took time to polish it while waiting on me."

Thank you very much!"

Tiffany R. Koenigkramer
Deputy Press Secretary
Agency for Health Care Administration

"My brother is so thrilled with the service provided. THANK YOU"


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"Hey thanks for all the fantastic and reliable details over the years, your competence and consistency, a rare combination to come by."

Your more than satisfied customer
Dan "The Volvoman" Local Motion

"I can't tell you how happy I was with everything you accomplished with my suzuki...It looked amazing when Jonathan brought it home. Thank you again for all of your hard work and effort on our car. You are really all the best! Best wishes to all of you for a happy & sucessful New Year!"

The Johnsons
Seminole Boosters wrap

See what Kathy Godwin of Preferred Properties had to say about the work we did on her Volkswagon "bug".

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